Petroleum Projects & Services - 15 years experiences

1. Design , Manufacture and Supply Ball Valves to Global Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Power


  • Floating Valves have a split body with 2 or 3 pieces or wafer, and they can be from ½” to 12″, from class 150 to 2500. The special features are: cryogenic execution and metal seated.

B. Trunnion Valves

  • Heavy design, suitable for high pressure or high size. The ball is supported by trunnions, so that floating and spring loaded eats are not effected by pressure. Two- or three-pieces body, API6D design, full and reduced bore, up to 30”, rating up to class 2500, flanged RF, RTJ and BW.

C. Split Body DBB

  • Split body bolted double block and bleed ball valve can be a floating ball or trunnion, with full or reduced bore. Soft and metal seated with a DN from 1” up to 6”, from class 150 up 2500, flanged RF and RTJ. The design can be customized with different materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, special alloys. Standard face to face dimensions according to ANSI B16.10.

D. Bottom Outlet Floating Type

  • Built specifically on request by the customer, this special type of valve is designed and realized to be applied to the bottom of the tanks for the drains in presence of critical temperature, pressure and abrasive products. The project, with an installation totally flat, limits the residual that may remain in the nozzle of the drainage.

E. Cryogenic Service

  • Floating and trunnion design, for a service temperature up to -196°C. Stem extension, lip seals for oxygen service grease free. Size up to DN 8” and BS6364 tested.

F. Split Body 3 Ways 90º Ball

  • Split body bolted three ways ball valves, with ‘T’ and ‘L’ port, full bore. DIN flages PN 16-40, face to face dimensions EN-558F1. Floating ball, soft seated with DN 25 to 100, PN 16-40. Antistatic device, fire safe and fully SS AISI 316/1.4401 body and trim.

G. Vacuum Breaker & Air Vent Valves

  • With a compact design, vacuum breaker and air vent valves are suitable for clean water, sea water and cooling water. From DN 1” up to 16”, class 150-300, body materials can be: lined carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, etc. Service: air release, vacuum breaker, air vent, HDPE floating buoy FDA service. With or without spring closing cartridge and adjustable under pressure.
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